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New P38 Holster. Info?

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Hey guys. New to the forums. I just found this holster and wonder if it's a true WW2 holster. I gave $60 for it.
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Here are the pics. Thanks


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For the wear and markings, given the two pics, it does appear to be original. Should be a WaA eagle and numbers on the back as well, may be partially hidden by the belt straps. Pic of the back overall and inside would help, for determining value as well as authenticity. Overall, I don't think you got hurt for the price you paid!
It does have 3 letters but I can only make out the last two -ln. The first one looks more like a symbol. And then of course the 1943.
Also will it hurt the valve to try to polish it? Or do I need to just oil it? Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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