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So I pulled the trigger and impulsively bought one of these nice robust pistols. Was never really a fan of the PPQ aesthetics since the P99 has spoiled me there.

After waiting 10 days for the mandatory background check, I broke it out of jail and brought it home with me. Bear in mind that these pistols are not in the CA Approved list of Safe Handguns, so this had to be transferred to me via a Private Party Transaction, which means second hand. In my neck of the woods expect to pay double of what they are in a free state.

Anyway, first impressions are positive considering it's never been fired by anyone as of yet. My Jericho 941 still feels much beefier than this pistol, but the slide is rather light. Looks good with a weapon light on it too (Insight M6X).

I will say I was a bit disappointed in that the trigger wasn't as special as I thought it would have been. The Gen 3 p99 resets noticeably shorter, although the Q5 is crisper. My P88 has the lousiest reset of the three but break was easily the smoothest in the older pistol. Will report when I take this baby to the range.

So questions for the club:
-Did your trigger smooth out with time?
-Has the pistol met your expectations over its cost?
-When are the other Q5 accessories going to be released in the US?

Tips, advice, ranting, and banter is appreciated! Thanks!
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