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On my walther G22 how do I set up my sights? It has like 6 different sights. Can anybody help me?
DT, if you're hitting/printing low, you need a shorter front sight. If you're hitting/printing high, you need a taller front sight.

So, grab some ammo and go to the range. Fire 3 to 5 rounds to see where you're printing. If you're not punching holes in the bullseye, then change front sights.....higher or lower to correct your POA/POI.

Keep in mind that different ammo will usually print differently. Also, every bullet is going to fly an arc. So, if you've zeroed your firearm at 50', then at some distance (and beyond) the bullet is going to start dropping.

Not sure if this helps.....

Its possible I didn't understand your question.

Here's a link to download the G22 manual https://www.carl-walther.com/fileadmin/uploads/media/manuals/G22_europa_gb.pdf
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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