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Hi y'all been hangin around here for a while and enjoyed many of the posts.

I'm a fairly new Walther owner but a seasoned shooter.

Last April I purchased a p99c QA in 40 s&w and I am thrilled with the pistol. Accurate, comfortable and just a joy to shoot. I have found the QA trigger to be a great concealed carry set up.

I do have a few questions.

1. As I said I ordered and purchased this pistol new in the box last April. However, the date code indicates it's a 2004. Is this common to have a 3 year old pistol on the shelf?

2. Having owned more than a few 1911 variants I am used to very tight slide and frame. My Walther has a slight side to side movement on the slide where as my Kimbers and Springfields have virtually none. Is this normal?

I look forward to your responses.
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