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Hey everyone, new to the forum but not to shooting or Walther. Just wanted to introduce myself and share some pics of my ppq's. I am part of a local shooting group in Erie, PA that does a lot of USPSA style shooting and self defense practice shooting. I shoot USPSA as often as I can (I'm still new to the competition aspect of it) For competition I shoot a Q5 match with a trijicon rmr in carry optics and a q4 tactical for limited. All my shooting partners and friends shoot Glock and I will tell you this, my Walther pistols are just as if not more reliable than even the stock Glocks. If any of you have Instagram my username is @pi2gun, I try and post new pics and videos as often as possible, I have a USPSA shoot tomorrow that I hope to get some good videos from.

Here's some pics of my pistols-


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