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Hi all,

I'm new here, so figured I'd drop in a "hello" note.

Some of you may recognize my username from other boards. I've been around the gun forums for a long time, and have a number of different guns. I've been lusting after a Walther for some time, specifically the P99, but the time was never right to buy one; Couldn't justify it when I already had other, similar pistols.

But that all changed when I read about the PPS. I'm really looking forward to checking one out in the flesh, and comparing it to my XD-40SC, as well as my Sig P232. The former is bulky despite its generally small size, while the latter is a dream to carry but is lacking in power. Yes, I've also read about the issues some PPS owners have had, but I have every confidence that Walther has or will work the problems out.

So I'm (im)patiently waiting for the .40 S&W version of the PPS, and trying to gather as much info as I can. Since you have to be a member here to search I became a member even though I'm not yet a Walther owner. (Sort of like buying ammo in a caliber you don't yet have a gun for...) If I ask the occasional dumb question please be gentle. ;) Though I usually do try to search before I ask.

Thanks for providing such a valuable reference!

-- Sam

P.S. Now, what's the best IWB holster again? :D

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welcome to the Forum.... never a dumb question.... and so far we realy don't have any "search Nazi's" here.... well maybe one... but mostly you will find people willing to point you in the right direction....
Best IWB will be (for me at least) a Del Fatti or a Blade-Tech :eek:
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