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I just bought a new CCP in stainless yesterday. I really liked how it felt in the hand and how easy the slide was to rack and close using the slide stop and that it has a manual safety that is very easy to engage and disengage (I don't trust striker fried pistols unless they have a manual safety).

However, I didn't do any research on it before buying and didn't know what I was getting into with it's odd design although I did notice what I thought was a funky looking striker mechanism on the back but I didn't think much about it.

I have since started watching videos on Youtube and the thing seems to be dead on accurate and a real good shooter. The only major complaints I'm hearing about is the PITA take down assembly and that it gets hot easily but looking over this forum I am reading about reliability issues and all sorts of things that is making me question whether I made a mistake in buying this gun.

Also, I see they have another variation called the "M2" which appears to be a newer model and has a much simpler take down assembly. I thought mine was the latest model since I only just got it yesterday and everything about it appears brand spanking new. Is Walther currently producing both variations side by side? Are there any recalls or anything important I should know about the CCP that isn't covered in the manual?

I just got the gun and haven't taken it to the range yet. The rather unorthodox take down isn't a deal breaker for me so long as the gun is reliable and accurate but if there are myriad of known issues with my model then that could be a problem.
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