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There is a new book on the market about the Post War GDR pistols. This book covers the Walther pistols manufactured during the Communist Regime. The book is written by Mr. Dieter Marschall of Germany. Here is a note from Dieter and a contact;

Hello everybody,
I am glad to say that Warren Buxton has now the English version of my book about East German pistols for sale. I guess the price is about $ 30.00. This book deals with all the guns which were in use in ex-GDR from 1945 to 1990. This includes the Luger P08, Walther PP/PPK, P.38, Tokarew, Makarow, Stetchkin, PSM, Mod. 74, P 1001, FEG PA 63 and most of the holsters, which were in use with the East German army, police and other organizations. You can contact Warren under [email protected]
I must say, however, that there no autographed books available in the US, as it is simply too expensive to airmail them to Germany, sign them and then send them back. We are thinking, however, of sticking in signed lables in future.
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