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I just went to the local Sportsman's Warehouse here in Iowa and saw an AF date coded P99 in 9mm, but the markings were in different places than all other P99s I have seen.

The date code, stag symbol, and Eagle over N were all on the slide underneath the ejection port and right next to the Serial Number.  The frame didn't have any of the markings on the rail like other P99s.  It only had an Eagle over N marking on the trigger guard and that was it.  I think the barrel was the only part that had the Eagle over N in the same spot.

I thought it was weird that the markings were in different spots.  Also, for some reason, the gun had a LOT of oil on it.  Whoever buys it is going to have to do some serious wiping to get all the excess off.

The gun also had a recoil spring that had a blue end on it instead of a black one or a white one like on my P99s.  I have never seen one with a blue end.

It was $549.00 and if I didn't already have an AD date coded Black AS and an AF date coded OD Green QA, both in 9mm, I probably would have bought it.  I wish it would have been a .40, because then I would have bought it for sure.  I want my next gun to be a .40, since my other two are 9mm.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that it looks like Walther has moved the placement of the markings.

I need more money!    
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