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Need opinion

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Found a crack on my Fist IWB Kydex holster, I'd like to take this opportunity to try a different brand and have narrowed down to these 3 choices:
*KyTac BraveHeart
*Comp-Tac Gurhka
*Comp-Tac Shirt Tucker

I tend to wear it extreme forward cant, the base plate of the magazine and the muzzle tip are almost on the same vertical line. Beng tuckable by a shirt is not an important feature to me.

However, for wearing IWB at 330 position, I have some questions that need your help:
*Which one of the above best conforms to body contour?
*Having a clip on top of the hoster, does this add'l thickness cause it more bulky?  
*Does the extended aft wing/clip create a bulge? Any discomfort while sitting?

Please give your critical assessments. Thanks  
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Thanks, I'll give him a call tomorrow. It would be nice if I can get it before Thanksgiving.
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