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Hi out there, I'm new to this forum and looking to buy a high end target pistol in .22lr. The dealer I went to suggested the Walther GPS Expert .22lr it is a fine looking gun and feels good and well balanced in my hand.These guns are made in Ulm, Germany. Did anyone have any experience with these guns and what is your opinion on these guns? Or perhaps someone has some other suggestions.
I'm looking for the most reliable and accurate target pistol out there.I know they cost a lot of money but I live only once.
Any help would be really appreciated.
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I have never shot one of these....
I know there is a guy on AR15 that has a few of the high end Walther .22lr's... look in the Walther picture post over there and you will find them....

there is two dealers that sell them here in the US..... Earl's and I forgot the other one... and the old German Walther page is down.... I can't find their info right now.....
in either case.... there is a new .22lr on the block that might be a better ticket as one never knows when these older models get discontinued ....
It is called SSP.... and looks to be a great .22lr from the reviews I have seen
I am sure a talk with Earl will help you alot to know the ups and downs of each.... also look on his page for priceguide...
I have seen the SSP listed as high as $2400 .... also I think the SSP is available from regular outlets like Impact guns
Oh and here it is..... $2550..... so who ever says Earl's is expensive ... look again
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