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Need assistance modifying Umarex Octane

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Greetings! I bought an Umarex Octane about 5 years ago. The rifle has seen very little use - I would guess it has less than 250 pellets down the barrel. I had an issue with the safety that it took me several years to address - Life was busy at the time. I fixed the safety issue and worked over the trigger... and then loaned the rifle to my nephew. While cocking the rifle, his hand slipped and the barrel recoiled into the table he was sitting next to. Luckily, he was not injured, but the "suppressor" snapped like 50 year old plastic. I tried to get a replacement "suppressor" from Umarex, but they would not sell it without the barrel. I found someone that was willing to send me a barrel they said was a direct replacement for the octane barrel - it was not. I am not sure what gun this barrel came from, but it is identical to the octane with the exception of the cocking lever and pivot point. The cocking lever was too way too short. I have combined pieces from both cocking levers (The barrel came with one) to make what I believed would work, but the rifle will not cock. I assume my bastardized cocking lever is too short. I have been adding spacers to hopefully get the lever to move far enough, but it will not get there. I cannot see the engagement point, as the FCG mount is welded to the barrel shroud. Does someone have a pic of a stock umarex octane out of the stock? It's been so long I cannot remember if the cocking lever was pre-loaded outside the stock. I have a play-date with my father-in-law tomorrow to reduce the squirrel population on my property. I would really rather not go purchase a new rifle, as this one is more than sufficient and was expensive. Any help would be appreciated.
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