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Recently acquired this via auction. It's a wartime commercial Walther Sportmodell. Eagle over N on the receiver, barrel, and bolt. The bolt handle matches the last three of the serial number. Excellent bluing and the stock is in great shape. Little bit of cracking in the forearm near the barrel band on the left side. Has a Lyman type peep sight that was installed. Unfortunately, the stock had to be cut into near the bolt to fit that. Comes with the Walther banner muzzle cap. Scope rail too (11mm from what I've read elsewhere). Overall just a beautiful piece of machinery to add to my Walther collection.

Earlier this year, I had passed on an a pre-war model on consignment at my local gunstore. I just didn't like the condition (bluing and bore were worn, wood stock had been carved into) and it was overpriced. I could have bargained, but I just didn't like it enough to do so.

I have a few questions about mine:

How do you remove the muzzle cap?

Any idea where to obtain a proper sling for this? Doesn't have to be original, since I have a feeling an original will be hard to find in similar condition.

Should I bother removing that peep sight?

What is the significance of the number 26 on the rear of the receiver below the bolt handle (see pic)? Is it some sort of mismatch or inventory / unit marking?

Here are the pics!

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