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I have been unable to find a pre-1946 P38, but was luck to find two very nice modern examples of P38.

One is a Bundeswehr model, dated 1961, unfired condition. Some previous owner had appeared to have had an obsession with marking the components with the last three digits of the serial number.

The other is a civilian P38 from 1968, which happens to be my birthyear. It's in a fair to good condition. It came with wooden grips (walnut??), 5 holsters, 2 barrel conversion kits (22LR and 4mm20), a number of magazines, original box and papers and also Walther presentation box.

Last weekend I decided to take the latter one to the range. I have heard how awful the trigger feels, but in the end, my handloads appear to have worked great and the results are acceptable at 15m. Considerign I had never fired a P38 before, let alone this one.


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