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Allow me to explain!

I'm sure everybody here can relate to having at least a couple of extra holsters lying around the never really worked out for one reason or another. I had been carrying my PPS in a Vedder holsters light tuck with their wing Claw attachment for a while. then I added a Crimson Trace green laserguard and could no longer use the holster, and they do not make any that accommodate lasers.

One of the few holster options I could find was from Blade Tech, the "Ambi Klipt" that is specifically designed to accommodate Crimson Trace products.

As it happens, The Claw from my Vedder holsters to the new holster, and actually rides at a better height than it did on the original holster.

I also had a foam pad still lying around from a JM custom Kydex AIWB holster. So I attach that to my new holster with a strip of self adhesive Velcro.

The result is a Frankenholster that is surprisingly comfortable to wear, and with the claw can conceal even the 8-round magazine completely under a t-shirt.

I know there have been a few threads asking about holster options for adding a Crimson Trace. if you are looking for one, I can highly recommend ordering the holster from Blade Tech, and then individually ordering the claw from Vedder and the neoprene pad from JM, unless you're inclined to make one yourself.


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