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let us know how it shoots ..... I find these FN's very interesting

Nice! I know it's going to be hard for you to believe, but I like it much better than your P99...:anim_lol: And even better than the PS90 (although it was very cute). I fondled one a couple of weeks ago and really liked the way it felt. It fit my hand just right. Hopefully the price will come down some and I'll be able to justify the money to get one. We need more pictures and a range report. :smt028

Well, here is a copy of the review I wrote on my FN Forum on Sat afternoon:
Got my 5-7 handgun today - put 200 rounds thru it. It's sure an expensive eater!

Anyway - I did have to adjust the sights. BUt, after I had it dialed in where I thought it should be, I benched it on sandbags, and it shot right in the bullseye.

I need to keep practicing with it - like I had to with my USPc. At 5 yards, I hit the bullseye great. At 7 yards, my groups open up a few inches. But, I'm still learning the trigger.

I shoot no other handgun better than my P99 - so I judge pistols by that standard. I still shoot my P99 the best, but the 5-7 shoots as accurately for me as any other gun I shoot. So, I am satisfied.

Everyone talked about the low recoil - so I expected it to be a tad over a 22 in recoil. Actually, it's almost about the same recoil as a 9mm. And wow - there is a flash out the front - especially with the 195 ammo

Anyway - I have a new nightstand gun. I like the rounds lack of penetration thru several household walls. That's why I sucked it up and got it. Very nice to have the rear adjustable sight too.

Nice gun!!!

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Great gun Ship, now you have quite a matching combo...I wish Walther would make a carbine to go with the P99....

Expensive to fed, huh? Well it will still be cheaper to feed, in the long run, than your new son....but not nearly as valuable or adorable.:)
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