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Another photo of the PPQ 5" I got this week. Shows it with the UM Tactical mount and the fairly inexpensive UTG 4 MOA green dot sight.

Decided to go with the bridge mount initially for several reasons.

* Attaches in under 1 minute
* Allows full use of factory sights when mounted
* Can use the same rig on my P22 with no changes
* Can use any sight, including a pistol scope
* Can use it on any gun with a 1913 rail

Its loose when you install it but the rail is split so when the sight goes on, it squeezes the rail and everything locks up very rigidly then. Has a sick release button for removal.

I've had one of the Walther bridge mounts on my P22 for years, like it but removing it when cleaning is a major PITA as you have to remove the two individual mount screws. Had a 4 MOA Walther Top Point installed and it works very well but I think this will be a viable set up for the 9mm or the .22. Also, the Walther mount, for some inexplicable reason, has a block of plastic on the bottom of the rail that totally obscures the iron sights.

They even offer a holster that attaches to the mount and will fit any gun the mount is attached to.

I'll get to try it all out for the first time this Wednesday and I have high expectations.
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