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I wanted to share my new P99 with the forum. Some of the members may have noticed that I just purchased an early used P99, and then sold it at a loss, and may have wondered what I was doing. Well, I did have a motive. A few weeks ago this arrived at my local gun shop:

It is an AC code As with first generation frame with three LEO 15 rnd mags, for only $520! I couldn't resist, so I decided to sell the one I just bought to help fund the NIB P99. Also, I am partial to the first generation frames which are going to dissapear in time. Check out the test target:

Here is a close up:

I am not one to "safe queen" my guns. I ran 100 rnds WWB and 20 rnds of 124 grn LEO Hydroshoks thru it with great accuracy and 0 malfunctions.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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