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I just shot a 100rnds thru my new 9mm P99 with the QA trigger today...

First impressions:

Feels great in my hands...actually one of the best ever...The factory medium grip panel is perfect...I was shooting around 10yds away and put them all in about a 4-5"circle with many going thru the same hole...Just keep in mind that it was 95 degrees here & high humidity so my concentration wasnt really there...The QA trigger was crisp & short unlike a Glock...It will definitely take some time to get used to since I usually shoot DA/SA...

I had one malfunction...a failure to fire...I think it was my fault as I did not let the trigger reset...All in all its a keeper...The gun feels so good in my hands that I might just pick up the all black P99 in 40 cal with the "AS" trigger (DA/SA)
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