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Okay, the gun cost a bunch more than $10.00 and came with the most handsome set of Nils grips. It was gorgeous. (See pic)

But I never shot it a lot as it always was kinda bulky feeling, so it stayed in the safe. I just wasn't shooting it up to what I thought was its potential so I always picked something else.

Then I figured maybe new, thinner grips....I looked on Amazon and they had a set of Hogues for $10.00. I splurged.

Had it to the range yesterday and WOW, what a difference! It's a new gun. It was scary accurate (the gun, not me....I'm still throwing stuff to 7 o'clock) and it was pure joy to shoot. Who knew?

I'd almost consider carrying it....but why risk it? My Shields are much more "disposable" guns that I could care less if they got impounded. I'm saving the Walther for pleasure and my kids, eventually.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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