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One of the ole boys down in town passed away and one of his sons came over from CA to handle the estate. He found that his father had been quite the firearms collector having about 20 or so handguns and about an equal amount of long guns. He stopped in at the seasonal store/bakery across the road from the house, where my wife works part time to have a pastry and told her about the guns. She told me and off I went hoping to find some Lugers, my true love. No Lugers but in the collection of handguns was this Walther PP. I recognized the Nazi Waffenampts and figured that it would make a worthwhile addition to my collection anyway. What I wound up with is the PP, one original Walther mag, two additional Manurhin mags, one Uncle Mikes Sidekick nylon holster, one cheapo nylon two mag nylon pouch, three boxes of Remington 7.62mm ammo and a set of extra checkered unmarked wooden grips. Here are some not so great photos of the PP. Am wondering if some of you that are more knowledgeable than I about these pistols would know what the value of the take might be worth. No rust, dings, dents or serious scratches, bore is bright and shiny with excellent rifling. Thanks, Loren.

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go to the www.P38forum.com and there you will be able to get more than the info you want......
Dieter Marschall from Germany has a data base that almost can pinpoint the month of production of your PP.... just post in tin the WWII section for the PP/PPK and post pics with the full serial # .....
good luck and this is a jewel you got there.....

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