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Bought today for around 360 euro a Walther PP 7,65 mm
Case probably younger than my PP.

Walther PP

No it´s not new but in a quite good conditition slightly used.

The x over the flag with three lions is the flag of Baden Wuerttenberg. Link to flag http://www.nationalflaggen.de/fahnen_....erg.htm Strange the slide has no Serial number outside but the old style square-shaped firing pin. Barrel marks is 64. Im really not sure, maybe this PP was once carried by a police officer or another authorities?

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I would say it was carried by Authorities, although the lanyard loops most times on official authorities PP's is missing....
the #'s on the mag are edged in ... most likely to match serial # of the PP, which was not done to commercial PP's
also the Baden-Wuerttemberg flag stamped on the PP should give you indication as of where it was used.... that is not a Walther factory marking ... although the Walther Plant in Ulm/Do is in Baden-Wuerttemberg
Ulm being the city and Do. standing for Donau .. which is a river that boders to Bavaria..... also a lil history... Einstein went to school in Ulm.... and Ulm has the highest single standing churchtower in the world.....
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