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By coincidence I took my 1966 Walther PP out to the range yestersday!

I had found a box of aluminium Blazer ammo in my kit and diecided I should shoot it up and replace it with a box of the brass ammo (I am old fashioned).

I hadn't shot the PP much more than two or three clips worth in many years and my what a difference a few years makes! My pistol is pure stock and the first thing I noticed was that my hand seemed to have grown - or the grip shrank - because I had a heck of a time getting and keeping a good hold.

Accuracy wise, the pistol preformed well keeping all shots at 15 yards on a paper pie plate - about 8" across. I held up as best I could, but on the 49th and 50th rounds the little beast twisted enough for the slide to make a 1/2" slice on the base of my right thumb.

No malfuctions!

Lesson Learned:

I won't shoot 50 consecutive rounds through this baby again anytime soon.

Blazer aluminum ammo is pretty good stuff and I should have saved some.

The Walther PP for those with larger hands will probably be at it's best with a thicker pair of stocks - something wooden like Nill grips or even the Walther factory wood would seem the best choices.

My Walther shot pretty close to point of aim, I found that if I held on the bottom of the plate the shots landed in the center.

So who knows that long beavertail on the new S&W version may have some use afterall. Still I won't be trading in the older pistol anytime soon!
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