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My amazing find

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I’ve been in the market for a good condition PPK for a while now. I wanted something before S&W and I’m not a fan of stainless nor did I want a PPK/S.

What I stumbled upon is a once in a lifetime find. I found, not one, but two, blued, unfired Interarms PPK’s complete with boxes, paperwork, etc.

The original owner purchased them and put them in his safe over 30 years ago without ever firing them.

One of the serial numbers is K0022xx and the other is K0095xx.

The later serial has a test target dated mid 1987, the earlier doesn’t have the test target unfortunately, so I’m unsure of the date of manufacture on it.

The earlier has the plastic over cardboard case and the later has the plastic clamshell case. Both have the original magazines with them.

I’m working on getting some photos posted of these beauties, but I am beyond excited to finally have one of my “dream” guns and join the PPK owner club!
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Congratulations. Both .380ACP I assume ?
An '87 PPK? Is the OP in the US? Were they GI/law enforcement imports? Sounds like a great find; hope one is a .32.
I am in the US and they are both 380, I didn't think Interarms made any .32?
Okay, sorry, I was confusing imported Interarms with domestic Interarms. I forget about the blued Rangers out there. Yes, they did make .32s, tho' the .380s are much more common.
Nice catches, in great shape.
Those are a couple of very nice looking pistols!

Better with you than with me tho, as I be going to the range with them! :)
Interesting that with such close serial numbers, one has a numbered slide and the other doesn't. Anyone figured out why some do and some don't?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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