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Have this model 4
Serial number 201619
Letter N
What year and where was it made.
Thanks.. hope this is the right place to post this.
All information comes from the book by Dieter Marschall.

According to the serial number, this Walther Model 4 is the fourth version, serial numbers range from 67700 to 223000, 7 or 9 serrations on the slide - the pistol has 7. Manufactured by Walther, as there is no mark of a license manufacture on the front left side of the trigger guard.
The marking N under the crown is the marking for the civilian proof test.
The year of manufacture was definitely before 1919, because from then on the places Zella-St. Blasii and Mehlis were merged to form Zella-Mehlis and the pistol is labeled with Zella St. Bl.
According to Dieter Marschall, the 4th version was partly labeled with Zella-Mehlis already in 1916, so that this pistol can probably be assumed by 1916 at the latest.
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