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First, yes I noticed I have the full size magazine in backwards, I was rushing :D

So after much anticipation my P99's finally have a new home thanks to Lou Alessi. The IWB is call the hideout and I think its one of the best iwb holsters on the market even though most people don't seem to know about it. The shark fin looking thing you see on it is a stiff piece of curved leather. When you're wearing the holster on the point of your hip this piece pushes against your leg and tucks the butt of the grip up against you making it easier to hide a bigger gun. The shoulder holster is called the body guard and is surprisingly pretty comfortable to wear. I'm a pretty big and it hides well enough on me but I'm not sure that most people wouldn't need one for the p99c instead. If that were an option I'd probably get one of those myself even.

There were some delays in making the holsters because of military orders he's filling. Thats fine by me, those guys need their way more than I do. He went above and beyond for me. He doesn't have a form for the newer style P99 but said he'd make them for me if I provided the blue gun. I love the design of the hideout holster so much I bought a bluegun and sent it in. Between the time that I ordered and the time my order came up I think those details got lost and he already had made holsters for the older style frame. He told me the gun fit, but not to his liking so he made new holsters off the blue gun I sent. Thats not something I think everyone would do.

I can't stress enough how friendly and helpful Mr. Alessi is with even the most persistent "is it done yet?" customers. :D He clearly takes pride in his work and sure earns it with a fine product. Its the customer service of smith and wesson in a holster maker.

Contact Mr. Alessi at (716) 691-5615 or lfalessi (a t ) cs.com

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