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1st time out and ran through white box 115 like they were popcorn. It ate them up. Shot 75 rounds of white box and another 25 of Fiochi target ammo.
Never a hitch. Felt recoil was amazingly light. Trigger was slightly crunchy at first and smoother as I went on. Excellent accuracy although was only at the 7 yard line. Only very minor complaint was I did not like the feel of the backstrap compressing when I fired the pistol. It made the gun feel slightly loose; guess I can get used to that given it fits my needs perfectly for a CCW pistol.
I did call the Gander Mountain in Lake Mary, FL., as I want another PPS. Only problem there was their price ---- $750.00. By the time you're out the door, it's $800.00. :eek: I'll wait for a better price on 1st Edition or just wait it out for the all black version.
Sign me a very happy camper. Lastly, it cleaned up in a snap.
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