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Metal dust / fragments inside PPS

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Hey everyone. First post. I purchased my m2 approximately a year ago. I absolutely love it. However I'm growing concerned. Every time I shoot, when I disassemble to clean it, the insides are filled with metal fragments. Tiny, almost like grains of sand. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm certain it's actually metal. Anyone experience this? It can't be from breaking in. There's just way too much metal debris. And even if so, I'm well beyond 1k rounds through it now.
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I'm combing through it as we speak. It looks like my barrel actually has some nicks in it near the feed ramp? What the heck?


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I'm not a Walther expert, but I think this is the peening that some PPS experience and Walther says is normal.
Not normal by my way of thinking.
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Well I must live in a cave. Apparently this is an issue with these. And also I just learned about the recall. So disappointed! I'm getting rid of it. These poor of tolerances are absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. Anyone know if the newest ones still see this problem?
Well I must live in a cave. Apparently this is an issue with these. And also I just learned about the recall. So disappointed! I'm getting rid of it. These poor of tolerances are absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. Anyone know if the newest ones still see this problem?
Appears you have some peening. It's a minor issue, although something to write to Walther and monitor. Not all guns are effected. I have some very minor peening on 1 or 2 of my Walther PPS pistols.

I don't think it's supposed to be occurring, but also doesn't seem to cause any problems.
Are you shooting aluminum or steel cased ammo?
No. Not shooting steel cased. ammo. Brass only
The internals are clearly colliding with the barrel. The barrel is slowly getting corroded away. And it's moving close to the inner wall now. This would be fine if walther acknowledged it. But for them to say it's "normal" makes me lose my respect for them. There's no way they designed this pistol with intentions of having collisions between the fire group / bar and the barrel. Definitelt was my favorite single stack from an ergonomics stand point. But no way am I trusting this as an EDC. I'm just glad I noticed it. Can't imagine how many are out there where people just don't even notice. So, I'm making the future buyer aware, and moving it on for what I can get. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate the forum.
try jumping thru the hoop first.
contact Walther CS, explain and send a couple (lighter) photos, let them determine its normal or beyond and time to replace it.
That being said it also gives you another wonderful option, That to find an EDC
backup pistol. While thats away you'll need another to fill the gap.
Call CS describe the issue. Then get the reps email and send the photo to them.
CS would likely send you a shipping label and inspect your PPS.
I have (had) some minor peening on the right hand side; just right of the ramp. So, apparently the barrel is hitting something on the trigger bar when it cycles. It bugged me at first, but it seems to have stopped. From what I’ve read, it is normal. I look at it like this, it’s minor, it doesn’t affect the guns function, and it really isn’t that strange when you figure there’s a lot of metal packed in such a thin area. If this was a $800 pistol, that would be one thing. But it’s not. It’s a $400 (or less) pistol. Having a bit of play, okay “slop” even, doesn’t bother me as long as the gun works well.

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Photo by Gordo. Earlier thread.

There is a 50 page thread on this peening somewhere back along the line. It is where I lifted this photo that someone posted. Trigger bar hitting the edge of the chamber as I remember. A lot of discussion on how to remedy this. Seems it is caused by the "horn" that is on the top of the trigger bar whose purpose is to engage the firing pin block....so you can't exactly just grind it off. Apparently some PPS pistols do this and others don't.

Pistols get pretty dirty from firing....unburned powder and burned powder can look like metal....a small magnet will sort that out. On pistols I shoot a lot I clean them with spray cleaner, wiggle the parts and spray some more. Blow dry. Then spray with something like Remington Rem oil and blow the excess of that out....gets in all the cracks and crevices. Then I lube as appropriate to the firearm.

That banging sure doesn't look good. Guess the smaller the pistol the harder to design. 1917


About 70 pages. If you guys would purchase Oldfart and me one of these we'd really try hard to sort it out and I'm sure we could. If we couldn't....thanks in advance for the pistols. I'ma and 1917
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In that 70 something page thread, I posed that the PPS m2 trigger bar was tilting during the cycle due to the m2 not having the same trigger bar guide channel at the sear block to constrain the cruciform on the left hand side. By tilting the rear , the front end swings toward the pistol centerline and clips, peens the barrel as it clears into the barrel right hand slot.
I noticed that the pps trigger bar ( for trigger block actuation) near the barrel must stay lined up with the barrel side cut at the Right Hand Side) otherwise the trigger bar can hit and peen the barrel.
I also compared the drawings for the pps m1 m2 to a Block 19 (Glock 19 some humor) and noticed the Glock trigger bar at the trigger block end never gets as far forward as the pps design.
The pps design is more compact, so Walther has the trigger bar hug the barrel.

The Glock design also has a more pronounced channel for the trigger bar cruciform to serve as a guide.
I suspect that this occurs in some PPS m2 and not so much or at all with others is related to assembly fit at the sear block internals and could be remedied by fitting and hand cycle check at the shop.

My pps m1 does not show barrel peening, but the trigger bar actuation area shows polished shine from some contact with the barrel.
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