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Sorry, got to share some excitement...

So a few weeks ago I was riding my bike up to the range. Along the way, noticed a small gunshop for the first time. Pulled over, checked the sign - damn, closed on Sundays. Decided that some day I'd drive over and check it out.

Yesterday I was going to hit the range again and stopped at the shop. Small place on the outside, but had a surprisingly huge inventory of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Walked around for a bit, and saw a lot of great old guns... i swear this place must have been in business for 50 years, as they had quite a lot of older (40-50s) revolvers still in cardboard boxes (and priced accordingly, some over $2000). Prices on the new guns weren't bargain basement, but were fair asking prices.

After about 15-20 mins I was about to leave, and out of nowhere i spied a black P99 in a case. I must have passed this case 4 times and not seen it before. Hm... Gen 1 frame. Large decocker. Tried to hide my excitement, but probably not too successfully. Asked to take a look at it.

Can we say "CLEAN"? I'd have sworn it was brand-new, but was told they'd bought it used from a customer a few days ago. No trigger type rollmark on the slide. Gold Carl Walther import marks... all the lovely proof marks... SR#s matched. The clerk dug under the counter for a minute, and came back with the original blue Walther box... 2 10rd mags, every single accessory was still in the ziplock, all the grips, even the test target and cleaning rod.

Price - $495. And they offer layaway. AND, they offer money-back guarantee on all used guns if there's a mechanical problem after the sale.

Pulled out the debit card and made a quick down payment. I've got 90 days to pay off the rest, but somehow i think it might come home sooner.

Pics when it comes home. :D

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