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As I alluded to on my first post after my return to the forum, I am in the process of building a custom rifle on a Mauser action. I have decided to stay in the '06 family of cartridges, and I am leaning towards a 1/4-bore, so its going to be either 25-06 or something very close to it. Internal box has capacity for 5 rounds of that size cartridge. I just did a web search and found that a few companies make bottom metal conversions for the 98 platform. Has anyone ever heard of them or used them?? Know anyone that has?? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Seriously considering it, found one at Pacific Tool and Gauge for a reasonable price, but would have to buy mags, too. Guess that is fair to say about any conversion really... I would have to get my action inlet a little bit to allow for the feed lips to seat safely in the action. I guess for a long range/varmint rifle just to scare the heck out of pests or attempt to hit something way out and away, a removable magazine isn't a "need" so much as a "want". If I can't waffle a woodchuck in 5 rounds there are things wrong with that equation. Hahah. Aside from the fact that it has guts and is still sticking around after the first crack at it, and that I still haven't hit it after I burned through the mag...

Maybe one day in the future if I want to modify it.

Also, partly related, I have searched high and low to find replacement action screws for this platform, preferably anything NOT slot head. I can't stand slot head screws, I know they are the cheapest drive type to produce, but they are the bane of my existence. Anyone have a source for like hex drive, or torx, or even phillips for heaven's sake. Would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks all, and please, any and all insight into the removable magazine bottom metal is helpful, too.
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