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I just picked up a Manurhin PP off GunBroker. Was looking to get a functional pistol that didn’t have much historical value, and clean it up to make a nice carry gun. Loved the Walther design from the first P38 I got (and sold... looking to eventually pick up a P1), and the PP seemed to be the best option. I have large hands, so the PPK was sort of out.

It’s a .32, and in the 732xx range. Marked Manurhin, Walther licensed... but the forward half of the engraving is pitted/worn. Opposite side has CAI’s normal stuff, including everything shy of the serial number (original was just numbers, so good to go). No serial number on the slide, but electro penciled inside. But on that same ejection port side of the slide, there is an original engraving to the effect of “Repr. J.V. ASTROM-BJURTJARN”.

Anyone have any idea when this was made? I looked in production date sticky, but I cannot find the charts mentioned in post 2... probably due to Tapatalk.

Any meaning to this? With the lanyard loop on the pistol, figuring a police/government pistol... I tend to try and figure stuff like that out prior to messing around with a firearm, as I don’t know much about post-war Manurhin/Walther pistols.

Plan is to smooth the pitting off the slide, but likely would lose the original Manurhin markings on the safety side. As long as the CAI markings and the serial number stay, should be fine in regards to legality... but was going to see if I could get the “Repr” line off, as well. Would likely get a regular hammer spring cap (as well as the original, in case I ever had a use for it), and then have the entire gun done in a nickel or other matte finish (Metalife is a top choice). Redo the springs, and good for another lifetime.
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