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Manurhin PP marked to Bavarian Police

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For your amusement, here are some pictures of the Manurhin PP I recently purchased. Serial number 24xxx which, according to Marschall's excellent booklet, dates it to somewhere in the early 1950s. It's also marked with a ByP in an oval, X-marked out, which indicates issue to the Bavarian Police and then sold out of service.


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Nice one. Like a lot of the Bavarian PP’s of the Manurhin-stamp era, this one had its original grip panels switched out for standard Walther panels at some point.

I just found out recently that the ByP stamp was not applied originally back in the 1950s when these entered service. Around 1968/70 West Germany passed a law requiring all service guns to have a property mark. Some states, like NRW, ignored it, and didn’t start systematic stamping until the adoption of the next pistol generation. But a few others, like Niedersachsen (Nds) and Bayern (ByP) went back and stamped every unmarked gun in their possession. Bavaria had some guns with an earlier LPBy mark.
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One of the perks of being a Cold Warrior in Germany during the Eighties was being able to buy ex Bavarian State Police PPs at the Rod and Gun Club.

In the box, with a couple spare mags, book and the cop's name in magic marker.

Cheap!:D and without ugly import marks.

Alas, changes in German gun laws and the Status of Forces agreement those days are long gone.
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Love these guns. Works of art! Plus shooting the 7.65 makes for a soft shooter unlike the .380/9 short. Also, financially speaking, they make better investments than gold.
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