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Just wanted to let everyone know that CDNN sells factory magazines for the P99c for $19.99..  Shipping is $10.00, one item or a zillion.

I ordered two mags three days ago, they arrived today and they are indeed precisely the same as the Walther mags that came with my pistol.

My understanding is that if you have no shame you can get the same mags with the S&W logo for $12.95..... Both are apparently the idential mags and will function in either model pistol.  

I'm apparently a "brand snob" as I had rather pay the extra and get the Walther name on my spare mags.  

I don't understand why other places online are charging so much more for extra factory mags when CDNN has them available at a reasonable price.

I'm well pleased with the product, delivery time, and packaging of my extra mags. so I'll hopefully be giving CDNN more business in the future.  (After I buy my next Walther P99, or maybe another P99c).

Thanks Shipwreck... You are costing me money..  

Best Wishes,

J. Pomeroy

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$10 @ Earls......for just the extension

but I thought I saw some other place listed once on this forum for cheaper...... but I am not sure anymore....

I have not checked in a long time for P99© mags.... it might be that besides cheap P99 mags... Sportsman warehouse also has cheap P99c mags
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