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MagGuts spring kit

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Has anyone used this kit in the classic model PPS? The company website says it's for the M2, but I haven't looked at the M2 mags to check similarity with the one I have. It would be nice to have an extra round in each mag on hand, but if it doesn't work in the Classic PPS, not much use for me, and the cost is a bit much for something of no use.

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Not sure on the classic, but there's a thread about the M2 magguts and that they only work reliably in the 6-rd (smallest) magazine, because they catch on the lip where the mag body meets the extended-capacity floorplates.
Myself, I would not trust such for a pistol I use for self defense.
You'd have to ask the company, and I'm sure they'd say no to your question if only for liability reasons. I've never had a failure of any kind on the six round spring, but consistently had problems with the 8 round. I did not like the response I got from Magguts, essentially a denial that anything could be wrong. They should not be selling these kits until the known issue is fixed. For that reason alone I would not buy from them again.
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Thanks folks,

I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for saving me some cash! I may need to check out the new Glock to get more rounds in a skinny stack. I'll sure miss the ambi paddle mag release on my PPS though.
I wrote the company just yesterday and asked about using their kit in my PPS M1. They said they had never tested it so couldnt tell me. Anyone have both an M1 and M2 and see if the mag internals are the same? I would love to carry 10 rounds in a single stack 9mm.
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