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A piece of history for sale, although from the depths of man's inhumanity toward fellow-man. This PPK magazine turned up in northern Italy in a sanitized PPK that was kept by a member of the Italian resistance since the closing days of WWII. The PPK was renumbered at some time, but contained this magazine and a pair of PL PPK grips. What a strange combination. The young Italian collector sent the magazine to me to sell. Serial number is 296225 K and it is magazine number 2. A photo of the magazine is provided here along with two pieces of documentation from the National Archives showing the PPK #296225 K in the list of PPKs shipped to the Einsatzgruppen that had departed the Pretsch training facility for the invasion of the Soviet Union and the subsequent report from Einsatzgruppe C in 1944 indicating that the PPK 296225 K was in the possession of SS-Mann Rudolf Liebald, attached to the Sicherheitspolizei unit in Hohensalza. PPKs from the EG list are rarely encountered; magazines from those pistols are sometimes found but none have been positively identified to a specific SS RSHA operative as this one has.
The price is $350 that includes priority mail service to the continental US. Insurance or restricted delivery costs will be extra.


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