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Walther never disappoints. Just got this baby out to the range and here are first shots at 25 yards. My old eyes ain't that good. The pistol is better than me by far.

I had the 4-inch model and switched to the 5-inch and love the extra heft and better accuracy. Add Talon grips and you have the perfect pistol.

I got the LE version from Bud's, came with 3 mags.

German engineering at its finest!

I also had the HK VP9, Smith M&P and CZ P10C, all of which are gone now. They just don't stack up to the PPQ. The only gun that comes close is the Canik TP9SFX and TP9SA, which remain in my stable. The Canik mags fit the Walther but not vice versa, by the way.

Canik fans, please weigh in!


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