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M2 .22 call FTE issues

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I have a new PPQ M2 .22cal
That is failing to eject the fired casings
Any help?
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Try different ammo. Clean w CLP. , I'm a firm believer of polished feed ramp and throat for .22 plinking pistol. While I don't have a .22 PPQ, most are or can be ammo picky. TRY CCI 40gr round noise to break in.
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I too, polish the feed ramp but that won’t do much for ejection problems. I also suggest you change ammo, my gun will only shoot high velocity ammo. CCI high velocity ammo is pretty good but you might want to check around, 22s are notorious for being picky about what ammo they will shoot. One of my shooting buddies has the same Buckmark I do, mine shoots Remington Thunderbolt all day long, his will jam about every other round. His gun likes Federal, mine doesn’t. Neither gun will shoot standard velocity very well. Once you find a round it like stick with it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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