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Loose rounds in the mag

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Hey guys. I'm so new here, and all too happy to be a member of the "Walther Club". Just bought my new P99 AS. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I'm falling more and more in love with every day.

HOWEVER, I've noticed something about mine that is kind of aggravating: rounds in my mags rattle!

I load a full 15 round mag in my pistol and chamber a round (leaving 14 in the mag) and, from what I can tell, the bottom two rounds are rattling around like it's a morracca!!

The rattle continues until you cycle 3 rounds out leaving 11 in the mag.

YES, these are genuine factory mags; I've got 6 mags, and they all do this. Sometimes they rattle when they're full and not in the pistol.

It's so noisy I wouldn't DARE take it as a sidearm if I had to "snoop-and-poop". Not a very tactical feature.

I have had other pistols of mine in the past do this, but only after carrying them around for a few days, and all I had to do was eject the mag and tap the mag down on something hard to seat the rounds. This doesn't work on my Walther mags.

I've contacted S&W/Walther about this, and they haven't heard any complaints on this matter. How about you guys?
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Try chambering a round and topping your mag back off to 15 rounds and see if it helps perhaps.
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