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Loose rounds in the mag

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Hey guys. I'm so new here, and all too happy to be a member of the "Walther Club". Just bought my new P99 AS. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but I'm falling more and more in love with every day.

HOWEVER, I've noticed something about mine that is kind of aggravating: rounds in my mags rattle!

I load a full 15 round mag in my pistol and chamber a round (leaving 14 in the mag) and, from what I can tell, the bottom two rounds are rattling around like it's a morracca!!

The rattle continues until you cycle 3 rounds out leaving 11 in the mag.

YES, these are genuine factory mags; I've got 6 mags, and they all do this. Sometimes they rattle when they're full and not in the pistol.

It's so noisy I wouldn't DARE take it as a sidearm if I had to "snoop-and-poop". Not a very tactical feature.

I have had other pistols of mine in the past do this, but only after carrying them around for a few days, and all I had to do was eject the mag and tap the mag down on something hard to seat the rounds. This doesn't work on my Walther mags.

I've contacted S&W/Walther about this, and they haven't heard any complaints on this matter. How about you guys?
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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Try chambering a round and topping your mag back off to 15 rounds and see if it helps perhaps.
Some of mags rattle too. I've found that not all mags or bullets are created equal. I have swapped around springs and followers and that helped. I've noticed some cartridges have a different overall length than others and when these are loaded first they rattle. Some of my reloads did this so I carefully adjusted OAL. But I have found that if you do what Soybomb says  and top off the mag the pressure stops the rattle. Hopefully you will check all you gear for noise reduction before a snoop & poop. Besides after the first shot the rattle won't matter anyhow...

PS. Bend in guide rod is normal and of no concern.
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