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Looking at an AC43 P38; Need estimated value

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I stumbled across an AC43 P38 today, and it seems a bit high. Includes the original factory barrel, another barrel for shooting purposes, one magazine, and what appears to be a reproduction holster dated 1953.

Asking price is $1,400, but the gun shop owner will give it to me for what he has into it. That would be $1,200.
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IMO it would have to have it all going on for it to be worth that. My shop rarely pays over $500 for good ones.
That's what I thought. I figured it was over double what it should have been, and I was guessing around $600. Good to know even that would have been too high.
$600 would be a bargain. Holster may be VOPO since it's dated 1953..Got any pictures?
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I just sold my ac44 russian capture import that was reblued for 750$ here in CA, it sold very fast. I could have got more probably but it was the last piece the buyer needed for his WW2 collection, and I wanted it to go to a good home. My dad paid 279$ for it in the late 90's.
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$600 would be a bargain. Holster may be VOPO since it's dated 1953..Got any pictures?

Nope. Didn't take any.
I'm looking at a re-blued AC41 P38, asking $1200.

With the re-blue job, I'm thinking the value is around $800.

Am I out of line hitting the seller with that #?
DUA, depends, which version of AC41 (ie ac on frame, letter block)? Plus, I assume it is matching, good bore, even with refinish, an early one could be a little more.
It's a first year (1941) AC on LS of trigger guard (AC over 41 on LS of slide), #s matching, bright bore w/crisp rifle groove corners. The "P38" seems to have been "touched up" prior to refinishing, the "##8" is noticeably smaller in height then the "P3#" proceeding it. This leads me to believe the slide has been resurfaced prior to "re-blue" job. Ser#5708. It's got one of the nicest "deburr" jobs on the visible front area where barrel, slide & frame meet. I guess the war was going good for Germany when this gun was produced.

I handled this P38 yesterday, should have taken pics.
By the looks of the "P38", I would say this Walther had significant rust/pitting removal before the re-bluing. I'm taking a pass on this one.


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I would too. A shame but who knows what it looked like before it got so buffed.
The seller was at $1400, down to $1200 now. I think it's worth around half that.
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