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First off, I love this site. Okay now that that is out of the way... I just bought a new P99 in .40S&W and can't wait to take it to the range this weekend. When I was cleaning my P99 though, I noticed two things.
1) When the chamber is empty, the rear of te extractor is NOT flush. Looking from top down, I can just slightly see the edge of te red bar. My buddy has a P99 in 9mm and when his is unloaded, the arm is flush. Mine seems like it is loaded even though it isn't. Is this normal?
2) The inside of the of the slide that covers the barrel is stamped "BIC". Does anyone know what that is for. I'm just curious.

Thanks everyone! Did I mention I love this site! Also James, Ken, & Jim, thanks so much for the P99 FAQ page. My buddy looks at your FFAQ all the time and I'm begining to as well.
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