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Little Berettas

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All of this Bond talk, naturally associated with the PPK and P99, got me to pull the pin on a Beretta 1934 and 1935 as I posted elsewhere. And while Bond's original gun in the early novels, the 418, is planned, it stated me looking at some of today's contemporary pocket Berettas. This has all coincided with my father-in-laws comment that he really enjoys shooting a .25 auto. He's small in stature, and while he can handle a 9mm or .40 very nicely, he has the most fun with with my P22. So, with Bond on my mind and my FIL's comment, this past Saturday I ran down the the shop and picked up a cute little Beretta Model 21A in .25ACP, used but like new. I think my FIL will enjoy it as a guest gun when he visits from out of state in November. We (along with my BIL) will spend at least one day at the range, and as a host I always like to accommodate my guests :D Plus, I have really fallen for this little gun. I think that I may well add a Tomcat, the .32 ACP version with the more full slide. Add to that a DeSantis "Trickster" pocket holster and 60 gr. JHP or Winchester Silvertip JHPs and it isn't a bad little package.

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For what its worth, I owned a Beretta Tomcat Inox about two years ago and really liked it. The trigger was exceptional, and rapid-fire groups even with one hand were remarkably tight. In fact it held good groups out to about 50 ft (5-6in) for such a small gun. I did have to finesse the mag followers a little to get the first couple of rounds to feed reliably (made the initial angle more steep). After that it digested about 800rds of hydrashoks and silvertips as well as ball ammo no problem. Got rid of it on a trade-in along with a CZ on a deal I should have thought about a little more. Oh well, such is the life of a habitual horse-trader.
Good to hear you had success with the gun. What I've heard over and over is that the Inox version has been far more reliable than the standard model. Some theorize that it's the added weight of the Inox slide.

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