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ref: older list of issues addressed

Safety spool: Slightly rounded sharp edges around firing pin slot, front and back; wire brushed.
. . . . . Darkened hammer face to test spool contact during slide operation.
. . . . . Corrected lower third of hammer face, and very slight work on spool to balance recoil contact stress.
Safety levers: Shortened by 1/10"; made upper mark 'F'; made lower mark 'S';
. . . . . applied day-glo pink on undersides of levers as reminder; made detent stop holes deeper.

Mag catch : legs in well were binding on ribs; shaved just enough to clear.
Barrel: Removed sharp edges around cam slot (were gouging frame surfaces).
. . . . . Polished chamber with non-abrasive Flitz/cotton; feed ramp with fine compound.
. . . . . Polished top of the chamber at breech where marked from cases dragging.
. . . . . Polished front half of barrel & port in slide. Made transition to end diameter more gradual.
. . . . . Polished barrel-breech exterior control surfaces.
Guide rod: polished main diameter and its port in the slide.

Extractor: I had no extraction problem, but the claw was not near to case, so I removed it
. . . . . and shaved a hair off stop nose. I replaced pin with 5/64 dia, 7/16 long spring pin.
. . . . . I improved dynamic extraction bias by c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y removing small amounts of
. . . . . excess material near claw. Now angle when suspended at hole is slightly increased.
Trigger lock pin: applied day-go color at 'F' and 'S', and to pin edge.
Backstrap: added padding to increase grip depth, making DA easier.
Slide: deburred impact face corners near barrel port.

Firing pin: It should only need a small amount of a thin cleaner in the side port, letting it
. . . . . fully drain from breech face hole. Added f-p retainer bushing to parts list & dwg.
Front sight: It's a snag point. Optional rounding of blade side corners, making sure that the modified
. . . . . edges still slope forward. Can round back edge, but then must improve contrast.
Ejector: I deleted ejector pin (44) from parts list and drawing. (was on P22, but not PK380)
Storing key: made a slot in backstrap; elastic band through hole in key wraps around grip.
Hammer spur: Filed some serrations for easier one-hand operation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CAUTION: Only remove action to work on trigger/sear/hammer parts (should not be necessary).
A gunsmith has a key that allows removal for servicing. (A regular key can be modified.)

-- I moved the J-spring from the takedown lock over to the loose trigger lock, where there
. . . . is room for two J-springs. The j-spring at the takedown lock just holds it for assembly.
-- I smoothed sharp edges on the two ears at middle area of trigger bar, and filed out
. . . . a crack to avoid potential growth.
-- I made slight corrections to the DA/SA sear surfaces, but it's easy to mess up trigger
. . . . function in ways that can't be undone. Walex needs to raise the height of the trigger
. . . . bar corners so that DA can be smooth and under 5/8 long.
-- I polished the burrs at front end of the action frame.
-- I replaced hammer plate screw (43) with a socket head made into a slotted head.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-- I added a slide stop by installing a 2.5mm socket screw into the slide stop lever near the pivot,
which passes through a 1/8" x 3/16" slot in the housing, near "r" in "Carl".
-- I modified rail recoil slots, added .o25" shims, and bolted a weak rail light for crude illumination..
-- For a shorter and smoother DA trigger, at my own risk, I made and installed a brass shim as
shown in my parts drawing.

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My revised r7 drawing posted.

The better resolution is at Twitpic, but either can be clear enough if
you download the image with something like "DownloadThemAll".

Smith-Wesson handles Walther guns as "WaltherAmerica".
Germany is in boom times; it can't fill thousands of engineering jobs.
It's the only nation to have a trade surplus with China, since Germans
did not forget the crucial importance of solid technical education.

The issues appearing in Walther products and documentation might
not clear up soon, and Smith needs to step up for their customers.

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