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I'm considering getting a light or light and laser for my 2004 P99.  It looks like most lights are made for a picatinny rail and walther chose to put a weaver rail on.  The good news seems to be they're largely the same and usually what would fit on a picatinny rail will work on a weaver rail.  But not always.  

The two front runners are the streamlight TLR-2 and the laser devices blast 2 LED version.  I emailed each to see what they said would work.

Streamlight says:
It is designed for the picatinney rail but the lights will fit some P99 weapons take it in to a distributor and try it on or if you order it and it does not
fit the distributor will gladly take it back.  There is a lifetime warranty on the light thank you ellen

Laser Devices says:
Thanks for the question. Yes the Blast 2 with LED and Visible laser will
work for your weapon.  The part number, for your reference, is 210113.
The retail price is $525.00.  Let me know if I can answer any additional
questions or if you would like to purchase this item feel free to give
me a call at the number below.
The part number the guy from laser devices gave me is the light labeled P99 Classic which makes me wonder, but he assured me it will indeed work. If so a led light + laser would be pretty nice.

I thought I'd see if any of you guys with a 2004+ P99 are using a light and what you decided on and how you like it!

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For home defense -- the "rail mounted light" for a pistol is the best thing since slide bread !

Can't tell you how difficult it is to teach the proper use of a flashlight while searching with a drawn pistol. To many methods......... many that are not easy to learn.

The rail mounted light solves all these problems

If money is an issue -- forget the laser...........go for a high quality rail light only!

Make sure the light has a "momentary" position on the switch as well as full on.

You want a light that can temp. blind an attacker at night, so look for "Bright" but it does not have to be super bright. 85 lumens and above can do the job nicely. I go for "run-time" over brightness once I get passed the 85 lumen level.

I favor LED over the old bulbs, but YMMV. LED's have come a long way in past couple of years in brightness [useful ] .

You won't regret getting this set-up for your home........it's a must in my mind.

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