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The "beaver tail" is to thick. I like a high grip and the design of the grip forces me to grip much below the slide. This is a design necessity due to the hammer. Also I find the grip width a little too wide.

The trigger is not as smooth as I would like in SA.

The trigger is very good for a DA.

The things I like about it are the mild recoil. The workmanship is very good. The design features are awesome.

When I bought it I was kind of expecting a 15 round HK P9S Target pistol. However that is not a fair standard. When you consider it was degsigned as a duty weapon which should be compared to the likes of a Berretta 92F it becomes very clear how wonderful of a service weapon it is.

I erased the the last 2 digits of the SN. I am not sure why I just feel weird about my pistols SN floating around in cyberspace. It may not be not rational.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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