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Hello all,

I wanted to pass along Don Hume's listing for holsters available for the P-99:

Walther P99 (99W)
H710, H715-M WC, H717, H720, H720 OT, H721, H721 OT, H724, H726, H738-SH, H740-SH, H741-SH, H746-SH, H770, Copy II, HWD, JIT, The Partner, PCCH, Street Guard

Heres the link to the photos:


I ordered the Concealment Holster - 007K from them. I didn't want to wait 30-45 days for it so I asked for some distributors phone number to call but they told me that non of them had it since they never made one yet for it. So I was the first one to buy one of these from them. I asked if they could put on the holster " 1st one " but we'll see if they do it. Its also very odd that they never made one for the P-99 since the model # of the holster is 007 ! very odd !

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