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The damned virus gave me a long-awaited chance to take down and thoroughly examine my G.41- she's an early b-block Walther ac-43, within the last thousand Walther made before changing over to G.43 production in 1943- she's all matching with one single exception: The gas tube/front sight base is from an earlier Walther gun. My research indicates mixups on nose cone, gas tube or gas piston are not uncommon due to the serious fouling problems of the Bang gas system and the need to disassemble and soak these parts in kerosene or gasoline for defouling in order to keep the weapons functional, especially in Russia in winter.
She does not seem to have a tremendous amount of wear on bearing surfaces or high points- apparently she didn't see much action before "retiring". And estimates on her probable worth make me absolutely unwilling to try shooting her! However, I'd be interested to hear what folks might be willing to pay for such an example- I know what the required insurance assessor pegger her value at, and I know what I paid for her, but I'd like to hear.
Once I figure out how to upload and post pics, I will assuredly post some- she's a beautiful piece indeed! One of the gems of my cabinet-
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