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i have been looking for something like that as well.
a while ago, right after i got my p99 in .40, i went to a friends house to compare to his glock. i forget the model number. when we had them broken down into the three main pieces on the table, i had to double check to make sure i had the right recoil spring and rod when we put them back together. i am wondering if they are close enough to interchange. hmmm. i wonder if a normal recoil spring and guide rod are cheap for a glock. if so, i could get one and test fit to the p99. if it's a match, then the laser guide rod might work in the p99. the only thing would be the stiffness of the spring is bound to be different because of slide weight differences.
what do you guys think?
keep the p99 spring and replace the guide rod with a lasermax made for a glock if they are the same dimensions???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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