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Well, I highly highly highly recommend the Walther.

I recently (yesterday actually) helped a co-worker buy his first firearm.

We've gone shooting together several times, and he's shot all the pistols I own (BHP, P99 (.40 S&W), CZ 75 P-01, Ruger wheelgun, etc.).

One of the things I've tried to stress is how it feels in the hand is a very important factor on how you'll handle the weapon. If it doesn't fit well in your hand, you likely won't be able to shoot it well.

His choices were narrowed down to Glock (reliability, but didn't fit his hand well, too blocky), Sig (excellent gun, fit much better than the Glock), and CZ 75 of some variant (reliable, fits well).

He ended up with a Sig P226 in 9mm because it just felt so much better in his hand in a side by side comparison to the Glock.

The Walther has much more rounded "corners" of the grip, whereas the Glock is more blocky. Check them out side by side sometime.

As for reduced recoil, I just got a Beretta PX4 and it is interesting how the rotating barrel reduces recoil.

Good luck in your search! *Walther, Walther, Walther*
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