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I finally got a chance to head to the range with my new (well, not any more
) P22 and I just gotta say "Holy Crap," this is a fun pistol! I tried 3 different types of ammo and by far the most reliable was the Remington Golden Bullet HV stuff. The Federal brick was OK, I had about one failure to feed about every 2 or 3 magazines. I also had some cheap Winchester stuff with unplated bullets and those were worse, averaging 1 or 2 failures to feed per mag. Oddly enough those same Winchesters went through my cousin's Ruger 10/22 like pouring water through a funnel. I gave the rest of the box to him. I then went back to the Remingtons and didn't have any hiccups the rest of the session. All told the Remingtons had failures to feed in about 400 rounds.

What I find really endearing is the fact that this gun doesn't sound like your ordinary .22, handgun or longgun. That's not to say it had the crack of my P99 9mm, or the boom of my friends Glock 21, but it sure didn't have the normal snap-hiss that I hear from other .22's.
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